MaxxOil adds NanoPlus technology products to its range

Maxx Oil, an engine lubricant from the USA has been officially available in Malaysia for the past two years. During that time, it has seen increased sales with growth expected to be between 3% and 5% of the automotive lubricant market during the next 5 years.

In its third year in Malaysia, the brand adds a new product with MaxxOil Nanotechnology. Available in MaxxOil NanoPLUS, the technology offers enhanced protection for the engine, helping to extend its service life. While the full details of the technology are a secret, it is revealed that instead of using chemicals (which can deteriorate over time), the oil contains billions of 4-to-6 nanometer sized ‘diamonds’ that act like ball bearings. They fill the pores of metal, helping to sustain an oil film on the inner surfaces of the engine, keeping out the debris and moisture that cause corrosion.

These microscopic ball bearings transform sliding friction that normally occurs between metal surfaces into rolling friction, reducing heat, wear and engine drag. Lower friction extends oil life while less engine drag increases mileage per litre of fuel.

It is claimed that, using the new oil, engines can have increased horsepower and better acceleration. The engine will also run cooler which is always a good thing and it is said that noise levels will also be lower.

MaxxOil NanoPLUS is not only good for the latest cars but also older models, as demonstrated by its use in a 2009 Ferrari during the recent launch.

Malaysia’s Prince of Drift, Tengku Djan, is MaxxOil’s brand ambassador and will help promote the brand not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

MaxxOil NanoPLUS is available in full synthetic and semi-synthetic formulations with different multigrade viscosities. Prices range from RM128 to RM228 for a 4-litre pack.


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