‘Prince of Drift’ Tengku Djan will be doing it sideways again

Malaysia’s ‘Prince of Drift’, Tengku Djan Ley, is making a comeback to the sport after an absence of some 4 years. Although he stopped participating in drift events after Formula Drift Asia 2012, he continued to help nurture new talent.

Nevertheless, with motorsports in his blood, he has continued to be active in circuit events. In fact, he was picked as the ‘Best National Driver’ by SIC-MAM Malaysia during the Motorsports Awards 2016 ceremony held earlier this year.

For his return to drifting, Tengku Djan, 40, will take part in the Drift Competition 2017 at the Songkhla Speedway in Thailand next weekend. He will be accompanied by Charles Ng, a well-known drift driver from Hong Kong. Charles has taken part in many competitions such as Formula Drift United States of America (USA), Formula Drift Asia, and the China Drift Championship.

Tengku Djan, who is also the brand ambassador for MaxxOil, an engine oil from America, will use a Nissan Silvia Chevy LS7 for the event in Songkhla. The car has been built to meet Formula Drift USA’s regulations and is powered by a 7.0-litre Chevy engine. It was previously used in 2011 in the Thailand All-Star Professional Drift Series by Red Bull Team Thailand and won both driver and team championship.

“Drifting is a sport that is rapidly gaining recognition around the world, including Malaysia,” Tengku Djan said adding that Malaysia was one of the first countries in the region to pick up drifting as a sport, followed by Thailand. “Drifting is successful because it brings the sport to the people. The competition is a golden opportunity for anyone – regional media, enthusiasts, fans of many brands, and new comers to watch the performance of the drivers.”

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